FDC tour NYC 2009

Oh yeah! here is a summary of our 2009 crew tour in New York. On our visit, we were hired to paint an 80 ft elevator shaft inside the Elizabeth Street Museum, Junk and Rekal were interviewed live on the radio with some New York Graffiti icons, and we spent the rest of the time painting around all the Boros and celebrating at night. check it out…nysumellviewelevatorshaftbronx


Brooklyn tracksides


bombing NY


Rekal & Tubs truck


top of the world ma!

top of the world ma!

About Grab Arts

hello world! its your boy Grab, welcome to my Blog!.For those who dont know me, Im a graffiti artist living South Florida working everyday on spreading art to the rest of the world. so explore, enjoy, and visit again... -Grab
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1 Response to FDC tour NYC 2009

  1. Andrea says:

    Keese, These are just amazing! I love the elevator shaft. That is where you were right? AWESOME work!


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